November 8, 2016 Town Council Minutes



November 8, 2016

            The Ferdinand Town Council met for their regular meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in the Town Hall. Present were President, Ken Sicard, Debbie Johnson and Ron Weyer Council members, Clerk Treasurer, Beverly Schulthise, and Town Attorney, Bill Shaneyfelt. Minutes of the October 11 and October 18th minutes were approved after correction made to state seven reserve officers in second paragraph of October 11th minutes on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Lloyd Froman, Chief, gave his October report. His department is taking applications for employment with the police reserves and the cut-off date for taking applications is December 15th. His department has taken possession of both 2016 Dodge charger police cars. He also received a check from Substance Abuse Council for a grant of $2,128.00 for radar unit and camera for one of the new police cars..

            Dan Lindauer, Fire Chief, reported 13 runs for October, seven were fires and six first responder runs. The department participated in the Trunk and Treat Halloween at Ferdinand Community Center, did highway clean-up and will be touring Benet Hall.

            Henry Haake was absent. The 17th street water main and 3rd street area will be paved. The roads have been torn up in this area for awhile.  

            Tom Lueken said he is continuing on projects related to the Community Crossings grant. The paving crew from JH Rudolph will be starting on the 2016 Road Project Wednesday.    

            Roger Schaefer said they are finished hauling sludge and the sludge hauling truck is in the shop for routine maintenance. He is having issues with the arm at the West clarifier and working to have that fixed. He asked permission to attend the IRWA training at Columbus, IN on December 5th and 6th. It would be a Monday and Tuesday. He would like to use Town truck for transportation and registration be paid at a cost of $357.00 for Roger, Steve, and Ryan. Ron made motion and Debbie seconded. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Mike Steffe, Park Board president, said the Park Board determined that they would give the design of the Trail project around the Old Lake to Universal Design of Ferdinand.

            Chris James said that the Folk Festival had a balance left in the fund to start out for next year. November 18th at 11:00 AM is the ribbon cutting for Benet Hall. November 30th at 6:00 PM is the Chamber Christmas party. Casey’s is going to have a ribbon cutting on December 2nd but no time has been set. The Christmas tree lighting is Friday, December 2nd.

            Dennis Voegerl was present to talk about his lots on Kimberly Court. He would like to sell a lot that Town of Ferdinand is holding with Performance Bond. He will need to bring the street up to specs of the Town of Ferdinand in order to have a release on one of the lots. The lots are 6 and 7 in Kimberly Court. Tom said he has not received all the estimates from the paving companies and is waiting for a quote from Calcar Paving.. Voegerl asked if there is a time table to get this street paved. When Voegerl talked to Marc Steczyck, previous Town Manager, he told Voegerl to wait to pave until all homes were built on lots in Whipporwill Court. Bill said Marc did not have the authority to make arrangements with him because the Plan Commission has authority for Planning and Zoning. Voegerl asked if he put up a cash bond, can he wait till all homes are built on lots before paving? Voegerl was concerned if heavy trucks used the road it could get damaged. This would be for any homes built on lots in the future. If he fixes the road now to Town specs, Town would take over road anyway so any damage after that would be the Town’s responsibility to repaid. Voegerl would like Tom to have the same paving company doing the paving next year for the Town also to do Kimberly Court. Tom will include him when we plan the paving project for 2017. Hopefully will get paved in spring.

            At 8:00 PM Knu LLC tax abatement hearing was held. No remonstrators present. Resolution TA 16-2C, confirmatory resolution designating an economic revitalization area within the Town of Ferdinand was adopted at meeting introduced on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Steve Wahl from Best Chairs was present and thanked the Council for approving this for Knu LLC. Statement of benefits for real estate and personal property were signed by Ken and Bev.

            The USDA-RD State Engineer offers no objection to the contract being awarded as proposed by the Engineer and Town of Ferdinand to Graves Plumbing. Bid alternates for equipment were not included in the request for award. There needs to be a plan of where to get the extra 5% contingency money of around $89,000 if needed. The council has decided and will advise Rural Development that any extra money needed will be a loan from the electric utility to the Sewer fund. Motion made by Ron and seconded by Debbie to approve the loan from the electric. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Also Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to approve either Chris or Ken to sign the Bond Bank Application. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            The Mobel property, Begle property, and Knu property will need to be annexed. Debbie made motion and Ron seconded to have Ken and Bev sign annexation petitions for properties. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.        

            Ken recommended the appointment of Brian Schipp for Board of Zoning Appeals to fill out the remainder of Dolores Boeglin’s term on Board of Zoning Appeals and continue the term starting 2017-2020. The health insurance for employees will be changing December 1st. Several plans were looked at including HSA plan. The best plan is with IPEP Health but still it will be a 12% increase over last year’s rates. Ron made a motion and Debbie seconded to approve Ordinance no. 2016-21, an ordinance amending the Ferdinand Municipal code section 3.25.130 entitled insurance benefits. Motion carried at meeting introduced 3-yes, 0-no.

            The utility hearing at 8:30 PM to adopt Ordinance 2016-19, an ordinance amending section 10.08.030 of the Ferdinand Municipal code regarding sanitary sewer service user rates and charges was then held. There were no remonstrators present. The ordinance was adopted on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The new sewer rates are to start with December 25th billing.

            Ordinance 2016-22, an ordinance establishing Internal Control Standards for the Town of Ferdinand was adopted at meeting introduced on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            A hearing on proposed amendments to text of Ferdinand Zoning ordinance commenced at 9:00 PM. There were no remonstrators present. Ordinance 2016-23, an ordinance adopting amendments to the text of the zoning ordinance of the Town of Ferdinand, Indiana was adopted at meeting introduced on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Chris said the third grade class at Ferdinand Elementary will be introducing the books they created ABC’s of Ferdinand at a special ceremony on November 22nd at 1:00 PM if any Council member would like to attend.

            The public hearing for the additional appropriation began at 9:15 PM. No remonstrators were present. Additional Appropriation Ordinance 2016-24 was adopted on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried at meeting introduced 3-yes, 0-no. This takes care of appropriations to be used for the Community Crossings projects.

            Claims in the amount of $102,548.04 and $185,486.30 were approved to pay on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.  The claim from Lochmueller Group should be checked for clarification before paying. The contract needs to be reviewed. We need to adopt salary ordinance in December and also 2-year EDIT Plan. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to pay for a table for Council and spouses to attend the Chamber of Commerce Christmas party on November 30th. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded for Chris and Ken to attend the IACT roundtable at Gasthoff in Montgomery, IN on November 22nd. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

As there was no further business to discuss, Debbie made a motion to adjourn and Ron seconded. Motion carried 3-Yes 0-No. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Next regular meeting is December 13, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting of Economic Development Commission will meet on December 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM. The Park Board will meet on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 4:30 PM. Zoning Board will meet Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 6:30 PM and Plan Commission meeting will be at 7:00 PM. Internal Controls Training is November 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM.


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