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Mark Dilger, Chairman

Don Farina, Sr., Vice Chairman 

Don Foerster, Secretary

Jenna Jones

Jenny Etter

  • 4th Wednesday of each month

  • 6:30 PM

  • Town Hall


The Ferdinand Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five members, three Town Council citizen appointments, one Town Council president citizen appointment, and one citizen member who must be a member of the Plan Commission.

The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board is set forth in Indiana Code 36-7-4-900:

(a) The board of zoning appeals shall adopt rules, which may not conflict with the zoning ordinance, concerning:

     (1) the filing of appeals;

     (2) the application for variances, special exceptions, special uses,

          contingent uses, and conditional uses;

     (3) the giving of notice;

     (4) the conduct of hearings; and

     (5) the determination of whether a variance application is for a variance

          of use or for a variance from the development standards (such as 

          height, bulk, or area).

 (b) The board of zoning appeals may also adopt rules providing for: 

     (1) the allocation of cases filed among the divisions of the board of 

          zoning appeals; and

     (2) the fixing of dates for hearings by the divisions.

(c) Rules adopted by the board of zoning appeals shall be printed and be

     made available to all applicants and other interested persons.

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