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Chris James is the Town Manager for the Town of Ferdinand.  Chris was hired by the Ferdinand Town Council in December of 2013 and officially began his position January 1, 2014.  He replaces Marc Steczyk, who originated the Town Manager position and served for nearly six years.  Chris has lived in Ferdinand since 1995 and is married to life-long Ferdinand resident Trina Emmert. They are the parents of two boys:  Trevor and Tristan!  Chris' previous career was in radio, most recently including a 16 plus year stint with WQKZ and WITZ Radio.  His familiarity with the town, along with his background in marketing and communications, were considered positives in his being selected as Town Manager.  Chris' goal for Ferdinand is simple and concise- continue the progressive growth of a tremendous community, making it a go-to destination for business and residents alike!!

The Town Manager handles the day-to-day operations for the Town of Ferdinand, which is composed of six different departments (Town Office, Police, Fire, Property Management, Wastewater, and Utilities) and an approved 20-member full-time staff.
In addition to overseeing all departments, the Town Manager acts as the Town's human resources coordinator, assists department supervisors with purchases and contracts, oversees safety concerns, works on potential marketing ideas/campaigns, and addresses any community concerns.


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