March 8, 2016 Town Council minutes



March 8, 2016

            The Ferdinand Town Council met for their regular meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 in the Town Hall. Present were President, Ken Sicard, Debbie Johnson, Council members, Clerk Treasurer, Beverly Schulthise, and Town Attorney, Bill Shaneyfelt. Absent was Council Member Ron Weyer. Minutes of the February 9th meeting was approved on motion by Ken and seconded by Debbie. Minutes approved with 2-yes, 0-no. Boy Scout, Gabe Muller was present to observe the meeting. Colin Welp, Blake Emmert, and Nicole Bromm, students from Forest Park High school were also present to observe meeting.

            Lloyd Froman, Chief gave the February police report. Pre-basic class with reserves has been on-going and 29 hours completed so far. Eric Hopkins will start the academy on March 14th and it will last 16 weeks. Lloyd will be attending Police Chief School from March 28-April 1st. Debbie made a motion and Ken seconded to purchase 3 Hewlett Packard computers for $2,209.17. They are HP Probook Notebood. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Dan Lindauer, Fire Chief, reported 8 runs in February, three of which were fires and 5 first responder runs. The outriggers need to be fixed on the ladder truck. March 29th is confined space training with Masterbrand and wastewater employees.

            Henry Haake reported the Northside siren is still not working. Cross braces that were damaged on water tower cost $5000 and insurance will pay some of this. His department is trimming trees and pole count is being done. There is technical training for water operators on March 16th & 17th at French Lick. The IN Alliance of Rural Water is putting this on. Registration cost is $160.00. Debbie made a motion and Ken seconded to send Henry and transportation is to be provided by the Town. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Tom Lueken, Property Manager, was attending IN Road School and was not present for a report. Town Manager, Chris James, reported that Hunter Paving has crack sealed streets in Town. Street department is working on ditches on Scenic Hills Drive.

            Roger Schaefer, Wastewater Superintendant, gave his yearly wastewater report. They treated an average of 339,000 gallons per day in 2015. They plan to smoke test in 2016. They found a big leak at Benet Hall that resulted in the treatment of 4,300 gallons of water per day. The in-liner repaired the breaks and will save the wastewater department money.

            Mike Steffe said parks are being used. Shelterhouse at 5th street Park is progressing. Five trees planted at 5th St. around the ballfields. The park Board would like to put a trail around the old lake. They are working on design, specifications and cost.

            Chris James, Town Manager, said the Leadership Academy is trying to get candidates. They have 12 so far. There is a fundraiser on Saturday, March 19th for the Folk Festival at the Legion. One hundred thirty-five tickets have been sold so far. Chris said he met with Dubois Strong members to discuss certificate of occupancy project they are working on for the County. After some discussion, the Council said they needed to look at this some more. It was felt that only developer who desires to should take advantage of it. The extra cost to developer of commercial and industrial property or home owner of residential property would be $250.00. This may stifle rather than encourage growth on the residential side. Midwest Toxicology random drug testing has been reduced to 25% of employees quarterly. This will be a cost savings to the Town.

            Bids on the Timber sales were opened at 8:00 PM. Steve Rasche bid $20,000, Nick Miller, Quality Hardwoods of IN, bid $23,429, Leroy Hoffman bid $9,413.25, and Leibering Lumber & Logging bid $14,110.00. Debbie made a motion and Ken seconded to accept the high bid of Quality Hardwood Products. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. The area where the timber is at is 475E which is part of the phosphorous project.

            Henry asked to bid out the Westside water main project instead of his department doing the construction in house.

            The application for funding is in Rural Development’s hands now and we are waiting for approval and funding. Debbie made a motion and Ken seconded to purchase a Ram 6.4 truck from Washington Chrysler for $28,960.25. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            The curbing on 5th, 6th, & Delaware Streets is waiting for PSC/Frontier to take their lines off the poles and hydrant has not been moved. There are three parcels that KNU LLC would like to rezone to Industrial, and platting of the property needs to be done. Property is owned by Mobel & Town of Ferdinand and will be appraised by two appraisers as required. Debbie made a motion to continue this process to have the properties rezoned and platted.   Ken seconded. 2-yes, 0-no.

            Spring Clean up is April 12 & 13th. Bill discussed the Ferdinand Tax abatement ordinance. Ferdinand has had ordinance for many years. Bill explained our abatement process. Ferdinand has a broader abatement structure then it had in the past. It was made broader because of what other government entities did in the County. It was decided to sell surplus property owned by the Town on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. That is a 2000 Ford Crown Vic located at the Town Hall, and a 1987 GMC Sierra ¾ ton truck owned by the wastewater dept. The following streets are part of the paving project for 2016. Virginia Street from 5th to 8th, 13th street from Missouri to Iowa, 8th Street from Main to Virginia, Illinois street from 6th to 7th, and Vienna Drive beginning at State Road 264 and ending past the driveway at 1645 Vienna. Debbie made a motion and Ken seconded to advertise for these streets to be reconstructed. 2-yes, 0-no.

            The additional appropriation for the park for $28,000.00 was approved by the Department of Local Government Finance. The audit done by the State Board of Accounts for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 found no substantive findings. The following items were tabled: Materiality Ordinance, Purchasing Policies Ordinance, Clerk-Treasurer job description, Board of Zoning Appeals Appt., and Title VI Coordinator policy. It was discussed to make Chris James Coordinator.

            Claims in the amount of $198,333.82 and $604,045.93 were approved to pay on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

As there was no further business to discuss, Debbie made a motion to adjourn. Ken seconded. Motion carried 2-Yes 0-No. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Next regular meeting is April12, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting of Economic Development Commission will meet on April 12, 2016 at 6:00 PM. The Park Board will meet on Wednesday, April 5, 2016 at 4:30 PM. Wednesday, March 23, 2016 will be BZA meeting at 6:30 PM and Plan Commission meeting at 7:00 PM. Comprehensive Plan Meeting is on Monday, March 21st at 6:00 PM in the YMCA Conference Room.

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