April 18, 2017 Town Council minutes



April 18, 2017

            The Ferdinand Town Council met for their regular meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 in the Town Hall. Present were President, Ken Sicard, Debbie Johnson and Ron Weyer Council members, Clerk Treasurer, Beverly Schulthise, and Town Attorney, Bill Shaneyfelt. Minutes of the March 7th, March 16th, and March 31st meetings were approved on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.We had a visitor in the audience from Forest Park High School, Lexi Weaver, who was attending the meeting for a class.

            Brian Seffernick, Assistant Chief, gave his March police report. The Dodge chargers are on the road now being used. There are still pre-basic classes being conducted.

            Dan Lindauer, Fire Chief, reported 9 runs for March which two were fires and seven first responder runs. Firemen cleaned up trash on Hwy 264 during adopt-a-highway campaign.

               The Council received a resignation letter from Henry Haake saying he was resigning his position as utility superintendent as of April 20, 2017. We wish him well. It was decided to put an ad in several papers for electric superintendent. Council asked Roger Schaefer to help with water department in the interim. A motion was made by Ron and seconded by Debbie to accept Henry Haake’s resignation as utility superintendent. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Ron made a motion and Debbie seconded to approve advertising for electric superintendent position. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Tom Lueken said the Project #7 for Community crossing grant is finished. His department also completed the largest item pick-up ever. Probably in the fall we will extend the pick-up an extra day. Tom is concerned that the Virginia Street water project gets done in reasonable amount of time. The street paving is part of the current grant money we need to spend this year. Ron made a motion and Debbie seconded to send Dan Lindauer to Mug-A-Bug pesticide training at Washington, IN on May 2nd. The cost for registration is $85.00 and transportation to be included. 3-yes, 0-no. Tom said major project will be West 23rd Street. This project will cost major money. If the state legislature approves more money for Community Crossings grant, Tom would like to use the funds for W. 23rd street. Tom would like to have engineering firm to do the preliminary design on the street. The estimated cost from Universal Design is $18,000 for design services and Alt & Witzig Engineering for $5,000 for the geotechnical work. The final cost will be $23,000. Motion was made by Ron and seconded by Debbie to hire Universal Design and Alt & Witzig Engineering to do the work for 23rd street project. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Roger Schaefer would like to attend a technical training session on wastewater at Columbus, IN on April 24th put on by Indiana Rural Water Association. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to pay the registration fee for Roger and also pay for meal and transportation. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Water meter belt receiver is needed to check for water leaks at resident’s homes. Utility Supply can provide one at a cost of $2500 so the meter reader can help customers find water leaks. Debbie made a motion to purchase and Ron seconded. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The jetter is being worked on because algae are in it. Headworks Building needs to have the wood floor replaced because of flooding. Roger would like to replace the floor with concrete and has found an estimate of $5000 for ripping out the old floor and put new concrete one in and also put posts in. The building can be used to store paperwork on shelves. Ron made motion and Debbie seconded to have the work done. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The Field Gymmy needs to be worked on because the frame is bent and the cost might get excessive. We have about 150,000 gals. sludge left to get out of tanks. Roger has been trying to find another vehicle to lease for the remainder and had no luck. We cannot wait till construction on the storage fields is complete. Do we want to fix the Field Gymmy or belt press the sludge? We will not need the Field Gymmy once our construction is complete on the sludge storage field. It was decided to belt press.

            A public hearing on additional appropriation began at 8:00 PM   Additional appropriation ordinance 2017-8 was adopted at meeting introduced on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The amounts requested were $80,000 for Rainy Day Fund and $9,000 for Park Fund.

            Mike Steffe said the parks are very busy with seven tournaments scheduled. He presented two options for the purchase of land from the Sisters of St. Benedict. Part of the Old Town Lake is on Sisters land and in order for the Town to complete a walking trail around the Old Lake and build a shelterhouse, we will need more land.   Option #1 (preferred option) would mean we purchase 2.9 acres from the Sisters. The other option #2 would be purchase 2.1 acres. Ken asked if the land could be leased instead of purchased. It is crucial we move with either leasing or purchasing the land from the sisters in order to complete this project. There will be no walking trail around the Old Lake unless something is done. A trail could be partially built on our land, but would that be feasible?  A group will be put together to talk to sisters about lease or purchase of land because the sisters will have to vote as a group. The vote will be in June.

            Chris James said the Leadership Academy had their first session and 10 members have joined. The groups are working on figuring out their capstone projects. The Folk Festival performers have been announced and the next Folk Fest is September 16th. Chris said he is also working on the following water projects due to Henry leaving. They are Virginia Street, Missouri street and Begle Project. Quality Craft construction will start next week on Missouri waterline project.      

            There is a shell of a building up so far and construction company has not been back to finish the Phosphorus building at treatment plant area. They are two weeks behind. There will be a progress meeting at 9:00 AM at Town Hall with Rural development on Wednesday. Roger said the new truck we need to haul sludge to new facility is estimated to cost $150,000. He is not sure where the money will come from and Bill thought it should come from Depreciation Fund and if need money for emergencies will borrow from electric. The sewer pipe has arrived for Leaf Drive (Begle Project) and will start installing next week possibly.

            The Mural Project is complete. The Clerk-Treasurer was instructed not to pay mural expenses to Lisa Thalhammer until all paperwork is completed with Dubois County Foundation. Lisa turned in a bill for $1785.00. Fire truck bid package needs to be redone and include financing. The department has applied for a grant for pumper truck but has not heard whether the grant will be funded. It was agreed to go ahead with specs for pumper truck and if we get the grant after we have already purchased the pumper, then we will order another. The Ferdinand Elementary Family 5-K route was approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The run will be Friday, May 12th.      

            Tax abatement 2014-2C, 2014-2C, and 2014-1C for property and personal property statements from Masterbrand were approved and Bev and Ken to sign statement of compliance on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Claims in the amount of $497,403.10 and $338,887.55 were approved to pay on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

As there was no further business to discuss, Debbie made a motion to adjourn and Ron seconded. Motion carried 3-Yes 0-No. Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Next regular meeting is May 9, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting of Economic Development Commission will meet on May 9th at 6:00 PM. The Park Board will meet on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 4:30 PM. Zoning Board will meet Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 6:30 PM and Plan Commission meeting will be at 7:00 PM.

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