June 13, 2017 Town Council minutes



June 13, 2017

            The Ferdinand Town Council met for their regular meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 in the Town Hall. Present were President, Ken Sicard and Ron Weyer Council members, and Town Attorney, Bill Shaneyfelt. Debbie Johnson, Council member and Beverly Schulthise, Clerk-Treasurer were absent. Minutes of the May 9th meeting was approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Lloyd Froman, Police Chief gave May police report. Officers attended HAZMAT tabletop exercise on anhydrous ammonia accident. Officers completed defensive tactics and prebasic course for Crawford county Sheriffs dept. Lloyd set schedule for Heimatfest activities.

            Dan Lindauer, Fire Chief, reported 15 runs for May, four were fires and 11 first responder runs.

            Tom Lueken said he is working on sidewalk and curb and on backfilling and landscaping projects on areas to finish up. Tom would like to advertise for paving project from 8th thru 13th on Virginia st. and West 5th from Virginia to end of park. He would like to open bids by July 11th for paving projects. In order to be in compliance with INDOT and the Community Crossings grant we need to complete these projects. Otherwise we lose this money and have to pay it back. Tom also asked about Kimberly Court paving if it should be in the bid specs. There are issues with the developer not improving this street but wanted to wait till Town has contractor and developer would then call prospective paver to see if they could do the paving. Ken made a motion to advertise for bids on paving projects and not to include Kimberly Court as an alternate because it is not part of Community Crossings projects and the bond is not due till August on this street. Ron seconded. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Roger Schaefer, Wastewater Dept., is working on Randy Begle apartments and testing is underway on lines. He is doing much TV work around Ferdinand for various clogs which are mainly property owners troubles. Sludge hauling company will begin tomorrow morning taking sludge out of plant. Tanks are full. Roger working on getting waterline to Randy Begle apartments.

            Mike Steffe reported the Heimatfest is this weekend. Nineteen teams of girls softball tourney will be at 5th street Park. There is a constant stream of tourneys going on at 5th st. park till end of July. District Little League tourney is starting Monday, June 26th and will be ongoing throughout the week. Mike and Debbie met with Sisters of St. Benedict. An agreement was made to swap land of 2.8 acres at Old Lake between Town and sisters. We should get final approval from Sisters by September. The deadline for project was June 1st for certain things to be completed and the deadline was met. The 2.8 acres is on Westside to straighten boundary which comes to Ferdinand and we give 2.8 acres on SouthWest corner of property. Fred Ebert mentioned some erosion control issues at corner of his property. He needs to know the size of the drainage tile for his property. Shrubs and trees need to be removed in the area for drainage. Ebert also said Legion is having trouble with Ohio Valley Gas where they have some property at Legion Shooting Match grounds. The erosion is so bad that fence is caving in to creek. Ebert feels the need for Town’s support to get gas company moving on their property. Bill suggested Ebert get a hold of DNR and Tom suggested Dubois County Drainage Board.

            Chris James said the chamber open house is Thursday at Wollenmann House from 6-8 PM. The Leadership academy session #4 is tomorrow at OFS headquarters at noon until 4:00 PM. The Heimatfest is this weekend and thanks to all departments for their effort in helping with preparations. The Park & REC program has about 30 children per day. Anna and Demi painted curb at 5th street Park and sent out vendor letters for Folk Festival. Chris is working on July fundraiser for Folk Fest.

            Missouri Street water project is moving toward completion. The main north/South line is in and Quality Craft Construction is currently working on East/West tie-ins on 8th street to be done on Wednesday and Ninth Street on Thursday preferably after lunch and water will be off for awhile. There is prepping for Virginia and 16th street water main work, as well as, KNU facility, Begle apartment, and the Sister’s new facility. Dean and Mike met with Ron for electric projects. The contract documents for Virginia St. water project have not been received. Bill told Chris to contact contractor about this.

            Ron made a motion and Ken seconded to close the bidding on the wastewater pumper truck at 8:00 PM. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. The following were the bids: SkyMark vacuum Trucks from Kansas-$130,401.00; Robinson Vacuum Tanks of Pennsylvania-$141,700.00; March Industrial from Michigan was not in order. The bond was missing; Mid-State Truck Service from Wisconsin-$134,867.00; Satellite Truck Xpress of Minnesota-$140, 799.85; and Best Equipment of Indianapolis-$146,018.00. Ken made a motion and Ron seconded to take bids under advisement and Roger and Bill should review.

            Emily Fuhs from group that was part of Dubois County Leadership Academy gave a presentation. They were tasked with finding something to benefit community. The group would like to install musical instrument park at 18th St. Park. They are working to inspire and instill creativity and thought provoking activity in children and young adults. They would like to add four or so pieces of musical instruments in the park. They would like to put them somewhere near existing playground equipment. One quote was for $16,000. They would explore fund raising options to get the money. Also exploring how many instruments which makes a difference in costs. Ken and Ron felt it would be positive aspect to park. Mike Steffe felt the surface needed to be determined and concrete seemed to be the best choice.

            Tom wanted to know who is putting back the curbing and doing street repair on Missouri street after the contractor is finished installing water line.   No one knew what is in contract or who was going to do the curb and repaving.   It was decided to contact Lochmueller Group to find out.

            A hearing on rezoning of Sisters property was held at 8:30 PM. Ordinance 2017-9, an ordinance rezoning certain lands within the jurisdiction of the Town of Ferdinand was adopted on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. This land is rezoned from agriculture to residential multi-family.

            All work has been completed on the chemical feed building at treatment plant which was Division I. Ken made a motion and Ron seconded for Ken to sign the certificate of substantial completion. Warranty would be for one year beginning June 5, 2017.   Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. Division 2 project with the drying beds at bio-solids facility along with maintenance building and leachate holding tank is coming along very well. Graves Plumbing requested payment for work done in the amount of $87,401.70 for Division I, and $186,633.00 for Division 2 for a total of $274,034.70. Ron made a motion to approve payment and Ken seconded. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. State engineer will wait until Division 2 is done before conducting site inspection. John Wetzel said the Patoka waterline has been lowered to the new grade at site. Concrete crew hope to be done with all pours by July 20th.

            We need to take all necessary steps to finalize swap of land with sisters. The process is to get two non-professional appraisals of 2.8 acres of Old Town Lake property. Tom and Chris were appointed to do this work and determine the value. We need to advertise in local paper to make this swap and schedule a hearing. An easement will be provided to the Sisters so they can access their property.   Ken made a motion to do this and Ron seconded. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Applications were received for utility superintendent and we will now do the interview process. Ken made motion to close application process and interview applicants and Ron seconded. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. Tom and Bev attended Community Crossing 2017 program at Seymour on June 1st. The deadline for projects is July 14th and Tom is working to submit before that date. He is working on getting costs for W. 23rd street which will be the road project. This has to be a shovel ready project. LTAP approved the new asset management plan. Universal Design should have the costs by July 1st. Tom thought we need to have a special meeting to approve application for Community Crossings grant. INDOT will pay 75% of estimated cost of project and Town’s match will be 25%. The maximum that can be requested is $1,000,000.00. West 23rd project will probably cost that much.

            Demolition Permit 2017-2 for Forest Park High School was approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.  Ron made a motion and Ken seconded to approve contract with IN Region 15 for their services related to Zoning maps. The contract has a not to exceed amount of $2500 for mapping services. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            The Sister’s Property proposed annexation for the new nursing home facility is set for hearing on August 8 at 8:00 PM. There is a lengthy process for annexation even though everything is agreed upon by all parties. Annexation should be completed by the fall. Resolution 2017-4, fiscal and development plan and policy for proposed annexed area was approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. The area consists of 19.708 acres. Ordinance 2017-10, an ordinance annexing certain contiguous territory to the Town of Ferdinand, Indiana was introduced and hearing set for August 8th meeting. Ron made motion and Ken seconded to introduce this ordinance for first reading and set hearing for 8 PM. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. The utility plans for the Sister’s project is being worked on by Cash Waggoner. Ramsey or Sisters would be paying for sewer line. For the water it is a different matter. From the water tower to East 5th street is 3500 feet which will be the water line to sister’s project. They only need 6” main to their building but Fire department and Town would like to see 10” for future growth. It was decided to have Roger, Cash Waggoner and Ramsey work together to determine best way to run 6” line from town line to sister’s project. They would pay cost of where extends 6” line to facility, and Roger will figure out the cost. The Town will work with Frontier to move their lines from our poles, especially two that need to be moved because they are located in the future road path. We will need additional easement from Sisters to extend utilities.

            Dave Rickelman was present and he said he had an agreement approved in February with the Town of Ferdinand for fencing at New Lake. Dave said he had called Chris James several times but he didn’t return his calls. The Town’s brush is extending onto his property. He would need 3000 feet of fencing. Tom said we have some chain link fence but don’t have 3000 feet. Dave said the agreement was that he and the Town would split the cost. Dave would agree to pay half on barb wire fence but not chain link. The original agreement was for barb wire fence. Dave emphatically stated again he won’t pay for chain link fence. It was decided that the original agreement for barb wire fence and installation costs will be split half and half. Chris promised Dave he would have the cost for everything by July 1st but no time frame was mentioned on when fence will be done.

            Dennis Voegerl wants to extend bond by one year to avoid tearing up new street with construction work for a couple of lots where new homes will be built in Kimberly Court. We have a cashier’s check for $41,469.00 and the bond is due to expire August 14, 2017. Ron is opposed to extending the bond because there will be extra costs for legal and the cost of improving street increases. Ken also said street needs to be paved. Ron made a motion and Ken seconded to deny extension of road bond. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. The Heimatfest 5K run route was approved on motion by Ken and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no.

            Claims in the amount of $402,315.65 and $1,155,774.54 were approved to pay on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried to pay regular claims 2-yes, 0-no. Special claim to Graves Plumbing for Division 1 & 2 of wastewater system improvements for $274,034.70 was approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Ken. Motion carried 2-yes, 0-no. to pay claim.

As there was no further business to discuss, Ron made a motion to adjourn and Ken seconded. Motion carried 2-Yes 0-No. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Next regular meeting is July 11 2017 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting of Economic Development Commission will meet on July 11th at 6:00 PM. The Park Board will meet on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 4:30 PM. Zoning Board will meet Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM and Plan Commission meeting will be at 7:00 PM.

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