November 14, 2017 Town Council minutes



November 14, 2017

            The Ferdinand Town Council met for their regular meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday ,November 14, 2017 in the Town Hall. Present were President, Ken Sicard and Ron Weyer and Debbie Johnson, Council members, Clerk-Treasurer, Beverly Schulthise, and Town Attorney, Bill Shaneyfelt.  Minutes of the October 10th, October 12th and October 25th meetings were approved on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Several Forest Park High School students were present. They were Nick Seaton, Madeline Pund, Clarissa Weyer, and Emma Uebelhor.          

            Lloyd Froman, Police Chief, gave October police report. Brian applied for a grant from Dubois County Substance abuse for $465.00 and Police department received this. Rob Randle worked on grant for Bullet Proof Vests and we did get that in amount for $634.92. Traffic restrictions were discussed for Christkindlmarkt and were planned with no left turns on E. 18th street and YMCA. Also the street department will erect traffic cones off East side of Michigan from 5th street to 10th street and by Boy Scout Building. Motion was made by Debbie and seconded by Ron to approve these traffic restrictions for Christkindlmarkt weekend. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Dan Lindauer, Fire Chief, reported 12 runs for October, six were fires and 6 first responder runs. The firemen attended the Trunk and Treat for trick or theaters’. They went to schools in corporation talking about Fire Prevention. They displayed the big American flag in front of Legion.

Steve Becher reported that his department found a new employee who is a Journeyman lineman, has water experience, and GPS experience. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to hire Colin Leinenbach at $29.00 an hour on condition of passing drug test. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. He will start sometime in January 2018.

            Tom said his department has been picking up leaves. He is putting in for three streets for scope of work for next year. Project 1 is Virginia Street from 5th to 8th, Virginia Street from 13th to 16th, and 16th street from Virginia to SR 162. Ron made a motion and Debbie seconded to allow Bill to get bid package prepped and figure out a bid letting date and time to be announced.

           Roger said there is a person interested in Field Gymmy. Ryan Ernst asked to come back to work for the Wastewater Dept. He can start Thursday, November 16th for $20.50 an hour on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Dolores Boeglin was present to talk about things going on in the parks. They are still receiving sponsorships for the disc golf project. The equipment should arrive in January. Mike Steffe’s term is up and he is willing to serve another four years. He will be reappointed by Council to the Park Board. Board is waiting on the paperwork for the Old Lake Trail project from the State before beginning on the project. We did get the grant for $200,000 and we will have to match this grant with $200,000 from Town funds so the project total is $400,000.

           Chris said that Thursday Steve Becher will be putting up Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree lighting will be at 6:30 PM on December 1st. The Community service award was given to Andy Olinger.   Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to close bids on skid steer which was to be received by 8:00 PM. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Ed Cole from Dubois Strong reported on their workforce facebook ads. They are targeting employees in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky to come to Dubois County to work. The eighth grade students in the County went to factories to get familiar with them. Dubois Strong has $125,000 in enterprise loan funds available for anyone interested in seeking financing to start a business. They are working with the Ruhe family to get 72 acres shovel ready site for development.

            Bids were then opened on the Skid Steer Loader. A letter was received from Rudd of Evansville that they did not sell a loader with our specs. Black Equipment Inc. of Evansville bid $46,950. The bid was taken under advisement till December meeting on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.         

            Chris reported all water mains are in on Missouri, Virginia and W. 16th street.

            The Phosphorus site buildings are complete, the asphalt is put down, and posts are set for fence. There is $161,000 in retainage still held back and there are 13 punch list items that need to be addressed totaling $53,850. The contractor can ask for drawdown to $107,700 which they are entitled to. On Thursday November 16th, Rural Development will be here with their engineer to do final inspection. There are some things that cannot be completed. Seeding will be not completed till next spring. John Wetzel of Midwestern said it looks like $40,000 is left in RD funds. Excess money, it was decided, would be used for equipment and specifically the sludge tanker truck. We will need to let RD know in letter what to do with rest of money. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to accept punch list and use extra funds left over for truck. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Debbie made a motion and Ron seconded to sign substantial completions document. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The invoice for Graves Plumbing was approved on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no to pay Graves $99,349.20 for Division II Bio-Solids facility. Ron made a motion and Debbie seconded to pay the Ferdinand Sewer Plant $2,250 to reimburse them for the cost of primary service to Bio-Solids facility that was paid to Dubois REC. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.

            Universal Design is working on W. 23rd Street project for Community Crossings grant. The Performance Bond with the Sisters has not been done. The certified check has not been received. Debbie said she is still waiting for health insurance costs for employees for next year.   

            Additional Appropriation ordinance 2017-15, was approved at meeting introduced on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. This is appropriating money from the loan from Electric Fund to the General fund for fire truck. This appropriation will have to be approved by DLGF.

            It was decided to change the Noise ordinance to include Jake brakes. Lloyd will get with Dubois County for their ordinance on UTV’s. Chris James and Steve Becher looked at shed on October 30th at Hedinger property. Hedinger repaired because renters damaged shed. According to Hedinger, he is trying to sell the property and realtor told him to put pieces of plywood on building to help the sale. It was determined that this work is not going to extend life of building.

            Ordinance 2017-16, an ordinance adopting new mapping as the official Town of Ferdinand Zoning map was approved at meeting introduced on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Ordinance No. 2017-17, an ordinance amending ordinance No. 16-27 regarding salaries, compensation and wages for elected officials, appointees and employees of the Town of Ferdinand, Indiana was approved at meeting introduced on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. This is increasing Dean Gogel’s pay to $21.25. The budget for Rural Development was approved to sign on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. There is a new law effective January 1, 2018 that addresses reserve police officers workers compensation. The Police Chief will have to look at time cards and submit each payday to Clerk-Treasurer who will keep track of hours worked. The reserve police officer system is a benefit to our community and should be continued.

            There was a change order submitted from Quality Craft construction for the Missouri Street project in the amount of $8,074.28. There was no reasoning for this change order submitted. Chris James submitted the invoice but had no explanation for the costs. So the Council was not ready to approve. There was some question also about the retainage we should hold back and if Quality Craft completed the project in the time that was agreed upon in the contract.   Chris could not answer these questions either. It was decided to check into this further and look at contract but also pay Quality Craft Cons. claim less 5% but not include the change order amount till we know what it is for on motion by Debbie and seconded by Ron. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no.   

Debbie made motion to pay regular claims of $512,113.29 and $956,238.44 and Ron seconded. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. Chris, Debbie and Ken plan to attend the AIM Roundtable at Haubstadt on November 21st on motion by Ron and seconded by Debbie. Motion carried 3-yes, 0-no. The cost is $25.00 a person.

As there was no further business to discuss, Debbie made a motion to adjourn and Ron seconded. Motion carried 3-Yes 0-No. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  Next regular meeting is December 12, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting of Economic Development Commission will be on December 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM. The Park Board will meet on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 4:30 PM. Zoning Board will meet Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 6:30 PM and Plan Commission meeting will be at 7:00 PM.

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