Lateral Specifications for Homeowners


  1. The home owner shall notify the Wastewater Superintendent 24 hours before starting project.
  2. The person doing the work shall have knowledge of local plumbing codes and practices of installing sewer lines.
  3. Only SCH 40 pressure pipe and fittings will be allowed.
  4. The trench must be 18 to 24" wide to allow proper grading of pipe.
  5. Sand or rock (No larger than a number 8 rock) shall be used under and above the
  6. 2" of sand or rock under the pipe for bedding.
  7. Install the new pipe and have the Wastewater employees inspect the work.
  8. A 12 gauge coated tracing wire shall be installed along side of the sewer pipe. The end of the wire shall be brought to the surface and mounted next to the home
  9. At this time the Wastewater employee will inspect the pipe and record the measurements and take a picture of the pipe. A record will be kept at the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the location of your service
  10. After the inspection and approval, place 6" of sand or rock on top of your pipe and use care as not to damage the pipe. You may now backfill with dirt to grade
  11. Please note if repairing existing or connecting into your existing service only flexible fittings and couplers will be allowed. Again you must seek approval for the materials as to not cause Inflow/Infiltration to enter into the sewer system causing a sewer violation
  12. No gutter down spouts or ground water allowed into sewer system and you must follow the approved methods set by the Town.


Property Owners:
Owners shall be responsible from the house to the Town's curb, if no curb than to the Town's sewer easement or roadway.
The Town will be responsible from the sewer main to the curb or sewer easement or roadway.
Service sizes will be determined by the Wastewater Superintendent.
4" to 6" SCH 40 Pressure Pipe for Residential6" to 8" SCH 40 Pressure Pipe for Commercial and Business

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