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Date of Record: July 21, 2010

Monastery of Immaculate Conception
Located in the heart of Ferdinand, the Monastery of Immaculate Conception draws people from all over the country to appreciate its serene beauty. Guided tours are available Tuesday through Sunday and self-guided tours of the monastery church are also available. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your tour contact sister Christine Kempf, Director of Tourism, at ckempf@thedome.org or (812) 367-1411, x2657.
The Benedictine monastic life is a special way of living in a religious community. For Benedictines, the term "monastic" means living according to the ideals set down in the Rule of Benedict, in a monastery, under the guidance of a prioress, abbess, or abbot. The monastic life involves living the ordinary life extraordinarily well.

The Ferdinand Benedictines strive to live a life of balance between "ora" (prayer) and "labora" (work). This ideal was of utmost importance for Benedict, and most chapters in his rule were written to regulate this balance:

  • Balance in prayer, a set number of psalms each day, the format for each prayer time, the times for prayer;
  • Balance in work, the types of work to be done by his followers (monks), the times for work, etc.
  • The Ferdinand Benedictines believe that the monastic lifestyle has great spiritual value for the world today. The monastic lifestyle defines the life values of community living, contemplation, and personal transformation and challenges us to a mindfulness that focuses on the right things in life.

In addition to the tours available, certain masses are open to the public. Visit the website for more information or contact the monastery at the information below.

802 East 10th Street
Ferdinand, Indiana 47532
Phone: (812) 367-1411
Fax: (812) 367-2313

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