Pools need to be situated so that they are not encroaching on any utilities and are within applicable setbacks for accessory structures.


Owners should call 811 (Holey Moley) prior to installation.


Inground pools DO require an approved Location Improvement Permit prior to installation.


Owners must comply with any fencing requirements necessary to comply with Indiana law and the owner’s insurance carrier. Current zoning ordinances do not prohibit the use of locked permanent covers in lieu of fencing.


You may want to contact the Town of Ferdinand Utility Office for information and guidance on filling your pool and what is necessary to request a sewer charge reduction when there has been an extraordinary water usage due to filling to pool. It is strongly suggested to request this paperwork prior to filling up the pool.

Continue reading to view Ordinance 2019-06 and the sewer adjustment form mentioned above.


T: 812-367-2280

F: 812-367-1303


Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

                       Monday - Friday

                       Closed Holidays

Town Hall Address:

2065 Main Street

Ferdinand, IN 47532


Very few places can truly blend natural beauty, agriculture and industrial development the way Ferdinand does. The strong elements of faith, religion, family values, work ethics, sense of community, and respect and appreciation of environment form the foundation upon which Ferdinand was built, and continues to grow.

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