Matt Weyer, President

Natalie Howard, Secretary

Jill Schipp

Mike Steffe

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month

  • 4:30 PM

  • Town Hall


The Park Board members are appointed by the Town Council, and the members serve four-year terms.


The Old Town Lake opened on July 3, 2020 for hiking, fishing, and recreation. A walking trail is open around the Old Lake. About halfway around the trail, there is a rest area.

The shelter house is available for rent. Please call Town Rentals at (812) 367-2280 ext. 102. 


The Old Town Lake is east of the Convent. It is on 14th Street heading east. 

From 162, head east on 15th Street. It will turn south around the high school. Take a left on 14th street heading east. 

After passing the Convent on the right, go about another half mile. The Old Town Lake will be on the right.

As the road goes north, it becomes E Convent Road. If you get to that point, you have gone too far. 


The 18th Street Park boasts a state-of-the-art playground, which provides the opportunity for hours of fun for children, while adults will appreciate the paved walking trails and horseshoe pits. A lighted basketball court, two sand volleyball courts, and a softball field provide a great outlet for the sport enthusiast.


The 5th Street Park also has a playground, but the activities for children are not limited to just that. Four softball and baseball fields play host to various Little League games in the summer. In addition to the numerous ball fields, two soccer fields are located behind the park.


1.06.080 General Prohibitions

(1)   Overnight camping is prohibited in park properties.

(2)   Park hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. is referred to as the park curfew.

(3)   The Park Board reserves the discretion to consider and allow, as appropriate and under such conditions as it deems necessary, special exceptions to these general prohibitions in situations where the entire park has been leased for an event over multiple days PROVIDED THAT any such special exception is requested at a Park Board meeting at least 30 days in advance of the event giving rise to the park lease. (Ord. 2019-19, S1.06.080, Aug. 20, 2019)

5.04.030 Animals on Leashes and Excrement Removal in Public Places.

It shall be unlawful for any person to allow an animal to pass through or upon any street, sidewalk, public park property, other municipally owned property, or any other public place unless it is on a leash. Such lease may be a properly functioning electronic leash which effectively controls the animal. It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to retrieve and remove from any public park property or any other municipally owned property the excrement from any animal in his or her possession or custody. (Ord. 14-08-S1, May 13, 2014) (Ord. 02-9, S5.04.030, June 26, 2002)


The 2021 Summer Park and Recreation program will officially begin at 9am on Tuesday, June 8, at the lower shelter house at 18th Street Park.  Sessions will take place each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will run through Friday July 30.


Due to ongoing concerns from COVID-19, this year’s program will be shaped differently than in previous years and we hope to receive full cooperation from parents and guardians in making this year’s program a success!


Unlike previous years where we offered one session from 9-11am, we are breaking the program into two sessions per day.  This is our attempt to reduce potential exposure and make it easier on our staff- Denai Sicard and Grace Schuetter- to monitor the kids and handle the activities.  Session times are 9-10:15am and 10:45-12:00.  The thirty-minute interval will allow all the children to picked up and provide the staff with ample time to disinfect the area before the second session begins.  All children, at least initially, will be required to wear masks, unless proper spacing can be maintained.  Staff will make that determination for each session.


Also new this year, again for safety purposes, all children must be registered for a session before they can attend the Park and Rec program.  You may contact Ferdinand Town Manager Chris James to register your child at 812-367-2282 or by email at  Space per session will be limited to no more than 18 children, and are already filling up, so please get registered as soon as possible.  Additionally, when dropping off your children, parents/ guardians/ babysitters must sign in the kids or they will not be allowed to participate in that day’s event.  Also, if a child has not been previously registered, but are dropped off, they will not be able to take part and will not be monitored by staff.  In the event a child is not feeling well, we ask they be kept home, to avoid any contact issues.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but again we are acting in the safest manner possible, for your children and our employees.

Please contact Chris James with any questions at (812) 367-2282.


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