Contact Don Foerster with questions regarding zoning and permits.


     Phone: (812) 367-2280 ext. 109

Building/Location Improvement Permit Application

Permit fees vary from $10 - $100 based on fair market value (FMV) and district. See the chart below for the breakout per Ordinance 1997-03.

Fence Permit Application

Permit fee is $10.

Permanent Sign Permit Application

Permit fee is $25.

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Permit fee is $5.

Demolition Permit Application

Permit fee is $25 plus bond requirements.

Other Associated Fees

Variance Fee: $50

Rezoning Fee: $75

Special Exception Fee: $50

Subdivision Plat Fee: $200 + $5 per lot

Builder's Guide
Storm Water Control

The provisions on Stormwater Drainage Control are found at Chapter 8.10 of the Municipal Code.  The storage of and controlled release of stormwater runoff is required by Ordinance 02-6, as amended.  The release rate of storm water from developed lands cannot exceed the release rate from the land area in its present land use.  These matters are referred to Steve Grundhoefer, the Town’s engineer.  There are limited exceptions to the stormwater control policy.  Developments which are exempt by size are subject to further regulation if, within a five year period, the cumulative increase of the impervious or semi-impervious surfaces is, in the aggregate, 10,000 square feet or greater (residential or commercial development) or 5,000 square feet or greater (industrial development).  Permit review fees are due at the time of submission.

Storm Water Fee:

     Up to 1 acre: $150

     1 - 10 acres: $200

     10+ acres: $250


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Very few places can truly blend natural beauty, agriculture and industrial development the way Ferdinand does. The strong elements of faith, religion, family values, work ethics, sense of community, and respect and appreciation of environment form the foundation upon which Ferdinand was built, and continues to grow.

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