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Town of Ferdinand, Indiana

Utility Emergency

If you have a utility emergency, please call 812-367-2281 and your call will be directed to the utility employee handling on-call emergencies. 

The Annual Water Quality Report for 2023 is now available. 

Utility Assistance

IHCDA has opened applications for Indiana's Energy & Water Assistance Programs. 

Click here to fill out the application for assistance with your utilities.

Title VI Notice:

For those persons interested in attending public meetings, The Town of Ferdinand shall utilize a voluntary Title VI public involvement survey that will be available at all public hearings and meetings. The survey will allow respondents to remain anonymous. The survey will ask questions regarding the respondent’s gender, ethnicity, race, age, income and if they are disabled. The facilitator of the public hearings and meetings will make an announcement at the beginning of the meeting informing attendees of the survey and its purpose and a request will be made for the attendees to complete the voluntary survey.  Completed surveys will be retained by the Title VI Coordinator for three (3) years. 

812-367-2280 Extension 111

Latest News and Announcements

Upcoming Meetings

Ferdinand Town Council 
The next meeting is Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 6:30pm
at Town Hall.  Agenda


Ferdinand Town Council 
Will hold a special meeting on Monday, July 15, 2024 at 9:00AM at Town Hall. 

Media Release


The Park Board meeting is August 14, 2024 at 4:30PM at Town Hall. 

The Economic Development Commission will meet on Monday, July 22, 2024 at
6:00 PM at Town Hall. 

The Park Board will hold a meeting is July 17, 2024 at 12:00PM at the Tri-County YMCA for budget review.
Media Release 

The BZA and Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 beginning at 6:30pm at Town Hall. 



Steve Lechner
The Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Association proudly announced Steve Lechner as the recipient of the prestigious James E. Burch Steward of the Environment Award. Each year, the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water Association honors the best of the best in Indiana’s rural water and wastewater industry through the Alliance Awards of Excellence. This accolade celebrates individuals who demonstrate outstanding dedication and contributions to environmental stewardship within Indiana's rural water and wastewater industry.

Angela Gerber

 The Alliance of Indiana Rual Water Association awarded the Administrative Professional of the Year to Angie Gerber for her remarkable contributions to the Town of Ferdinand's utility operations. Over her impressive 25-year tenure, Angela has not only fulfilled her duties but also enhanced critical functions for the town, earning her widespread respect and admiration. Notably, this marks the second consecutive year that a Town of Ferdinand employee has received recognition at the Alliance Spring Conference, highlighting the exceptional teamwork and commitment to excellence among the Town’s staff members.  

Robert Randle

Rob was recognized at the Town Council meeting for securing the JAG Indiana Criminal Justice Grant for purchase of Axon Body Cams. Kerri Blessinger, chief of police, personally thanked him for his time and energy to complete and receive the grant and presented him with an award surrounded by his family and fellow officers. This grant allowed
the department to purchase 7 body cams and accessories. Body cams are of the utmost importance and aids in keeping our officers safe.

Your hard work is commendable and greatly appreciated as well as your commitment to keeping our community safe.

Financial Assistance

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP is offering a one-time benefit to provide financial assistance to families with disconnected utilities of those who are at high risk of being disconnected. Apply for 2023-2024 assistance beginning October 2, 2023, by 
clicking here. For a list of eligibility requirements click here.


Utility & Mortgage Assistance

Click here to learn more.

Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Click here to learn more.

Grants available to help with home repairs.

Click here to learn more and if you qualify for a home repair grant! Article from Free Press

Financial Assistance

Low Income Energy Assistance Program 

LIHEAP is offering a one-time benefit to provide financial assistance to families with disconnected utilities or for those who are at high risk of being disconnected. Hoosiers can apply for 2023-2024 assistance beginning October 2, 2023 by clicking here. For a list of eligibility requirements click here


I do not know where to begin my compliments to the Town of Ferdinand about mine and my husband's amazing experience at Solar Eclipse in the Park. It may be best that I begin with the main reason we found your truly unique and wonderful community.

My husband had a conference in Louisville. We decided that I would join him a couple days early to enjoy the sights in Louisville but more importantly to be near the totality of the solar eclipse.

On Sunday evening in Louisville, we noticed that our solar eclipse glasses were not in our suitcases. Instead, they were left on top of the cabinet by our front door intentionally placed so we wouldn't forget them in Connecticut!
Immediately in a state of stress, we begin searching for glasses. The hotel said the city, every Home Depot, Lowes, Walgreens have been out of them for days- "Try the Public Library" I was not feeling confident there would be any glasses left when they open at 9am on the day of the solar eclipse.
This left us with 1 option-relying on the generosity of strangers. I said to my husband how nice and friendly everyone is around here, perhaps we could find a place that's having an event and we can borrow someone’s for a bit of time.

Or, Louisville waterfront had an event but not totality. I didn't come
this far to NOT make every effort needed to see totality. Back to the internet- literally searching "solar eclipse events on route 64 Indiana" and asking for God's help wherever we found that there will be kind people who would share their glasses with us. I found your "Solar Eclipse in the Park" with free glasses, food trucks and more!  I couldn't believe what I was reading. Yet, my anxiety got the better of me. Will there REALLY be any
glasses left when we get there? Sunday evening at 11pm clearly didn't present us with the option of calling your Town offices so we had to go on Faith.

Driving into your town park on solar eclipse morning we immediately saw a group of happy, smiling yellow-vested men and women taking the time to greet each person entering the park. We said, "Are they handing out small treat bags to children?" " My gosh, how sweet!"  We weren't even out of the car and we could feel the hospitality and joy of that committee filling the environment all around us. As we approached the entrance we surveyed
your beautiful park with so many  families and children enjoying all the activities - it truly was a  beautiful scene. We were asked if we need glasses-"Yes!" we replied, along with our saga of forgetting them and coming from Connecticut via Louisville. We were then given a run-down of what was in the park, the food, even a detailed print about the eclipse definition and times of the process- What didn’t YOU ALL think of !!? Since I asked, we told the history of the town and to enjoy ourselves as well as already being invited back for the folk festival, to visit the monastery and more!  We felt as if we just entered a good friend's or family member's backyard.

The rest of the day proceeded with meeting more people from your community as we sat at a table eating or inline at a food truck. One couple came over to us and told us to use their blanket to lie on to watch the eclipse because the grass may get too damp and here are a couple of cold bottles of water.  Just Wow!
We responded that where we are from-Northeast-we aren't as warm and friendly to strangers. We leave each other to their own business.

As we sat on the blanket watching the eclipse, it was quite apparent that lengthy, detailed planning took place. As well as, superior organization, collaboration-all executed with a genuine sense of providing your community and its visitors the most welcoming and fun experience possible.

Your community is truly unique and special. Your park is amazing! We couldn't believe on the hill that the beautiful building was a community center - it looked as if a wedding reception could take place there!
Walking back to our car we paused to thank and speak briefly with the two police officers stationed on the sidewalk. Their love and pride for Ferdinand was palpable, Again, we were invited back to attend the Folk festival in September and not to leave until we visited the Monastery! At this point we truly wished we didn't need to leave 

Driving back to Louisville, we reflected on how different we felt from the night before-anxious and upset with a bit of bickering between us into a feeling of gratitude and joy. We didn't hesitate to share our experience with our close friends and family. They all agreed that we were given God's blessings that day from beginning to end - only possible through the open hearts of your townspeople.

It was a truly memorable day for us and we thank the Town of Ferdinand. We do want to visit again but I am afraid then I may never want to go home! 

With gratitude and warmest regards,
Christine and John Bee

Upcoming Meetings and Events

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