Mark Dilger, President

Brett Schipp, Vice President

Don Foerster, Secretary

Steve Grundhoefer

Debbie Johnson, Council Member

Duane Lorey

Ken Sicard, Council President

Margie Stallman

Ron Weyer, Council Member

  • 4th Wednesday of each month

  • 7:00 PM

  • Ferdinand Community Center, currently


The Ferdinand Plan Commission consists of nine members, three Town Council appointments, four citizen appointments by the Town Council president (no more than two of the same political party), and two County Board of Commissioners citizen appointments.  Appointments are for a term of four years, with members serving until their successor is appointed.

The power, duties, and responsibilities of the Plan Commission are described by Indiana Code 36-7-4-400:


(a) Each plan commission shall:

     (1) supervise, and make rules for, the administration of the affairs of the

          commission (in the case of an advisory plan commission) or of the planning 

          department (in the case of an area plan commission or a metropolitan

          development commission);
     (2) prescribe uniform rules pertaining to investigations and hearings;
     (3) keep a complete record of all the departmental proceedings;
     (4) record and file all bonds and contracts and assume responsibility for the

          custody and preservation of all papers and documents of the commission

          (in the case of an advisory plan commission) or of the planning department

          (in the case of an area plan commission or the metropolitan development

     (5) prepare, publish, and distribute reports, ordinances, and other material

          relating to the activities authorized under this chapter;
     (6) adopt a seal; and
     (7) certify to all official acts.

(b) Each plan commission shall:
     (1) supervise the fiscal affairs of the commission (in the case of an advisory plan

          commission) or of the planning department (in the case of an area plan

          commission); and
     (2) prepare and submit an annual budget in the same manner as other

          departments of county or municipal government, as the case may be, and

          be limited in all expenditures to the provisions made for the expenditures

          by the fiscal body of the county or municipality.


T: 812-367-2280

F: 812-367-1303


Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

                       Monday - Friday

                       Closed Holidays

Town Hall Address:

2065 Main Street

Ferdinand, IN 47532


Very few places can truly blend natural beauty, agriculture and industrial development the way Ferdinand does. The strong elements of faith, religion, family values, work ethics, sense of community, and respect and appreciation of environment form the foundation upon which Ferdinand was built, and continues to grow.

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